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Comfort Your Child With The Boon Flair Harness

Boon Flair Harness/Buckle is a unique, practical and fashionable way to enhance your baby’s comfort during the early months of life. The Boon harness is lightweight, extremely comfortable and adjusts in a one-touch angle for easy tightening and removal. Its modern design makes it a snap to use while also saving you money over other similar designs. If you love your baby but are tired of having to adjust the chair to keep your little one from feeling uncomfortable, the Boon High Chair will change that. It gives you an extra attachment point that will keep your baby as comfortable as possible without you having to do it.

Color: Black This new replacement harness and strap is ideal for use with all Boon and Fairest high chairs to replace the old harness when it’s become worn or even if you just want a spare harness. The black color is also a safe color for your baby. It also comes in a variety of attractive patterns and textures to choose from, helping you create a comfortable and custom fit.

The Boon High Chair can be adjusted to provide maximum support and comfort for your baby. It features five separate points of attachment that can be comfortably adjusted for your baby. It easily adjusts itself to conform to the shape of your baby’s waist and legs so your baby doesn’t end up being uncomfortable. With an additional two attachments located on each side of the seat, there is even more freedom to modify your baby’s seat. Attach the harness with a three-point strap or have both attachments point toward the back of the chair for maximum comfort.

The harness can be removed quickly and easily to allow you to transfer your baby from a car seat to a sitn’t rock the chair to a highchair. The harness can also be attached to a backpack so you don’t need two hands to lift your baby. This will leave you free to carry on with your other tasks while your baby is enjoying the comfort of the Boon High Chair. Each harness comes with two sturdy straps so they are securely held in place around your baby’s waist. This keeps them safely in place and you will avoid having to deal with struggling to remove them.

The harnesses feature an adjustable release buckle that allows you to raise and lower the harness without tightening it. This feature makes it easy to adjust the strap when your baby’s tummy becomes comfortable. Since the Boon Harness is cordless, you don’t have to worry about having an extension chord. This makes the Boon Flair Harness incredibly convenient and practical for any parent.

One of the most important aspects of choosing a Boon High Chair is the safety features included on the harness. The Boon High Chair features a five-point harness system that provides the safest possible harness system for your baby. It also has five-point Velcro straps that eliminate irritating pinching. The five-point harness is designed to fit most babies so it offers extra comfort and security for your child.

An additional feature of the Boon Flair Harness is the presence of a footrest. The harness footrests offer your child the comfort and support he or she needs to stay comfortable throughout the entire feeding process. The five-point harness is designed to fit most infants, so it offers extra comfort and security for your child. With the Boon High Chair, you can give your child the comfort he or she needs to remain healthy and happy.

The Boon High Chair is designed with two adjustable clasps that make it incredibly convenient and easy for parents to secure. The harness can be adjusted to fit your baby and offers an unparalleled level of safety for your child. Many parents swear by the Boon Flair Harness and use it with their baby. Because the Boon Flair Harness is cordless, you will never have to worry about an extension chord being left unattached and potentially causing harm to your child. With the harness attached to the chair, it ensures that your child is comfortable and safe all the time.