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WeatherTech Clearcoat Black Review

WeatherTech ClearCover Black is one of the newest truck bed covers. It has been designed with the truck driver in mind and therefore features many features that will make hauling your cargo easier than ever. It also has added extra support and reinforcement to the bed rails to ensure that they remain secure and firm without the need for extra reinforcements. This is accomplished without sacrificing comfort or any other element of the product.

The overall appearance of the product is sleek and very appealing. It has a weather-proof, low-profile design that will not block the air flow through the bed. This will allow the airflow to stay constant and provide a comfortable environment for driving. The polyester powder coated cover is designed to be very easy to clean. Once you have removed the cover, it is fairly easy to wipe down and spray off dirt and debris. The fit of the product is extremely tight, which means that dirt and debris won’t be able to seep underneath the cover and cause problems.

If you’ve ever tried to wash a Black and Decker truck bed cover, you probably know how difficult it can be. The specially made seams make the process very difficult and generally require the help of a professional to complete. Not only that but most covers will dry out and crack over time, creating a very unattractive mess. The WeatherTech cover has been designed with a patented seam seal that makes removal and reapplication a breeze.

In addition to the seam seal, the polyester cover is designed with a secondary weather-resistant treatment. As we’ve all known, severe thunderstorms are common occurrences in much of the United States. When a storm arrives, there’s a good chance that the roof will come loose and leak. A specially made polyester cover with a secondary weather-resistant treatment will keep water from leaking and thus protect the truck from mold and mildew.

Not only are these covers designed to make for easier cleaning, they also have added benefits. They are lighter than traditional fiberglass truck covers. This lighter weight makes the covers easier to tow and transfer. You can even get them custom-installed if you so desire.

There are other popular brands of weathertech covers, but none quite like WeatherTech Clear Coat. It is extremely durable, very easy to install, and extremely easy to care for. There are many advantages to having this product on your vehicle. Do some research and find the perfect cover for your truck. I’m sure you’ll be happy with the results.