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Volkswagen 3B7601opiaXRW Center Cap – Change the Front End of Your Car

The Volkswagen 3B7601opiaXRW is one of the many models of the Volkswagen Beetle. With its long bonnet, wide shoulders and square headlights, it is easily recognisable from the Beetle. In general, the front is trimmed with chrome but on the lower part you can see a gloss black matte finish. To make this model really stand out, the Volkswagen logo is embossed right in the middle of the bonnet.

The look of the Volkswagen Beetle is highlighted by the straight, square headlights. However, the center cap is really different. With its rounded shape and wide shoulders, the body has a slightly rounded shape. This makes it appear more elegant.

The Volkswagen Beetle has really become fashionable over the years. So many auto companies have tried to get the design of the body so similar to that of a VW that it becomes very unfriendly to the environment. As a result, VW Beetle owners are looking for something that is different. That is why the Volkswagen Beetle Center Cap is so popular. With its large rectangular shape, it looks like the headlight on a VW but is made of a completely recyclable material.

In addition to the large cap, there are also small ones as well. The small cap looks just like the big cap but is made of an organic material. The cap has the same rectangular shape, but it is made from green polyethylene Teflon. The color and texture of the cap are almost identical to the large cap. So, you can be sure that this new cap will not damage your paint job like the factory cap.

The Volkswagen 3B7601opiaXRW Cap has some advantages. Apart from protecting your car from the weather, it gives a unique look to the front end of your car. You can customize the VW Beetle with this cap by putting some custom stickers on it. This is an easy and economical way to change the look of your car.

If you are looking for a high-quality automotive cap that is durable, lightweight, and resistant to ultraviolet rays, you should buy the Volkswagen 3B7601opiaXRW. It is made of a heavy duty PVC material. The body of the cap is made of polyethylene Teflon with a transparent window in the center. This cap has a rear and front bumper, which protects your car from anything that might damage your car. This cap has a spring clip for easy removal. You can easily use a screwdriver to remove the cap.