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8.5X12 Security Cameras – What Are the Advantages of Having a Surveillance Camera?

A Home Security Camera and Video System have many uses for the brave in our brave new world. It’s not just a deterrent to burglars and vandals, it’s a means of protection and security for our loved ones. It’s easy to forget in times of today how simple and basic common sense can be in times of old. The home is just a few steps away from danger and we take those few extra seconds to secure the property.

In today’s modern world, it’s easy to forget that we live in an analog world and not a digital one. There are still places and events where analog (analog) technology works better than digital (DV). For example, you might have your front door keypad, or your smoke detectors beep because your front door sensor didn’t receive a signal. At least, you didn’t think about it. You may have disregarded the fact that your outdoor security cameras captured the event.

This is the same reason why some homeowners forget about their home surveillance. They don’t realize the value of having a camera installed around the house. This can mean the difference between a bank of twenty cameras watching your valuables, or twenty-four cameras watching your home for signs of neglect (smoke, etc.). In the end, these twenty-four cameras will most likely catch the theft in the act, or at least prompt you to take action to keep your home safe.

A Home Surveillance Camera and Video System are a great way of keeping an eye on your children while you’re at work, monitoring your employees, or watching your pets while they roam around the house. You can set up a camera at home with a DVR inside the home or use one of the many wireless DVR spy cam models for outside the home. A wireless system means you won’t have wires sticking out of the walls. It also means you can easily move the cameras around to ensure that your home is always monitored.

The biggest reason to install surveillance at home is the protection it can provide. Robbers often target homes that are well-secured with alarms and surveillance equipment. If a criminal sees that you’ve got a camera or alarm system, it gives them the impression that they won’t be able to come into your home without getting caught. Most criminals treat homes that have surveillance systems like they treat banks that have tellers at the door – if they see it, they just move on. That’s because they know that if they do attempt to get in, the camera and alarm will go off, alerting you to the situation.

Another common place for surveillance is your cell phone. Many times, a thief plans out their robbery long before they strike your home. While your home is being targeted, they are watching your calls and receiving instructions from their accomplice that calls you at work or from an unknown number on your property line. This gives them time to receive help from someone that they’ve instructed to call you at 11 o’clock at night while you’re away from the house.

If you are away from your home, an alarm that goes off at around the same time as the camera or phone recording will trigger your security system, which will then contact the local police. Once they respond, the police will check the property line to see if the alarm was activated from inside the home. They will trace the call that originated from the cell phone or from the alarm call. From there, they will determine whether to send a team to investigate, or to leave the matter alone, leaving your property untouched.

The best way to ensure the maximum protection from theft is to install surveillance equipment around your home. However, some people choose not to, citing costs of installing a surveillance camera as an excuse. However, the truth is that most quality units cost less than one hundred dollars each, depending on brand and features included. When considering the cost and benefits of surveillance systems, it is best to consider the advantages, such as having a captured image of anyone who enters your home or car, notifying you when a burglar breaks in, notifying you if a door or window has been opened, detecting motion at night, and more. It is well worth the investment to have one of these surveillance cameras installed, especially if you feel safe in your residence and driveway.