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What’s All the Fuss About With the AeroGarden Sponges and the 50 Packs?

AeroGarden sponges are a line of high quality commercial grade products. They have all the functionality of a quality garden sponge but are much less expensive than sponges costing hundreds of dollars. The key to their popularity is their ability to last a lifetime, and for the price they cost, that’s pretty amazing. The sponges themselves come in two styles. One is a fine lace cloth/wipe with a hole in the center that opens up to reveal the sponge inside.

The other style is a large sponge made of woven nylon that can be used just like a natural sponge. It is much more absorbent. The AeroGarden sponges also come in a variety of colors. That’s because not everyone likes the natural look of bamboo.

After you’ve used the sponges once, you won’t want to use any other brand of garden sponge. They are so absorbent, and it takes the sting out of cleaning them. This has been my experience. I wouldn’t go back.

I find it amazing that most of the stores carry AeroGarden sponges. Most of them have at least a couple of them in stock. The best place to buy is Home Depot or Lowes. You can get a lot for your money there. When I go into grocery stores, I try to avoid those because I don’t want to deal with the price tags. I want quality.

You can store up to six sponges at a time in the AeroGarden 50packs. If you store them upright, they take up very little storage space. The reason why they come in such a huge package is because each sponges is supposed to be used one after another. It’s very difficult to reuse the sponges in this fashion. Each of them should have at least two uses. After this amount of time, they should be properly stored in plastic bags.

If you are like me, you really just save them for sprucing up your garden. They are so versatile, and it’s hard to imagine not having them around. The AeroGarden sponges 50pack is perfect for this. They are reusable, they are designed to be used over, and they save you a ton of storage space. Who could ask for more?

As you shop around at discount department stores, you might see some for a little bit cheaper at one of the discount warehouse stores. Don’t pass up on these opportunities though. You’ll often find that they are still a high quality product. When you get them in the mail, there is no damage. The price difference shouldn’t be much of an issue when you consider how much you’re going to use it for. They aren’t cheap.

These sponges are made out of durable nylon, which is strong and easy to clean. They are extremely useful for gardening and when used regularly will help to ensure that your soil is rich in nutrients. When you want something that’s easy to carry around, pack the AeroGarden sponges in the 50pack. No more lugging around heavy bags of soil. Just toss it in the back of the van, or in the bed of the truck.