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The United States Olympic Committee created the Special Olympics to provide athletes with a challenging physical activity for participation in international athletic events. This game is played in eight countries around the globe and was created to increase interest in the sport in the United States. In 1948, the first Olympic team was formed out of the United States. It was made up of members from all four corners of the country, which included North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma, Maryland, and California. At that time, no other sports were being played in the United States.

Athletes from all over the country joined together to form what we know now as the Special Olympics. Although there are several teams involved in the Olympic movement, they do not compete in the same divisions like track and field, swimming, or basketball. Instead, they are split into different sports. This has become an important division, because it allows each team to be more specialized, when it comes to the type of athlete that they need to have on their team.

The United States Olympic Committee created the Special Olympics for this very purpose. This game was to be played on a court set up for the event, instead of on the track. Competitors were to wear special uniforms designed to allow them to run, jump, and do many other physical activities. They also needed to have a uniform color that matched that of their teams. These colors and uniforms have changed over the years, but remain the same.

Competitors usually begin their quest to qualify for the Olympic Games by taking a training course. Each team would then be assigned an individual trainer. There would be a point system in place, so that each trainee could see what their performance would be like, before actually competing in an event. This is why it is known as the “Olympic System”. After the trainee qualified, they would continue to the next level.

Athletes have to keep their endurance up throughout the whole game. They are not allowed to play for too long, because they could become dehydrated. This could have serious consequences when playing out in the field. There are plenty of fluid drinks available for purchase at the event. In order to keep their body hydrated well enough, they would need to take them before, during, and after the game.

Each team would have to have two players who could play defense. These players would be on the opposite teams. They would be able to call plays, but other than that, they would not have much of a say in how the game was played. This would leave the offense and defense to do their own thing.

There would be a boardroom for games played. This would be the meeting place for coaches and staff. Games would be judged according to their rules and overtime if necessary. It is now illegal in the United States to organize a game for high school children to play in. This is because there is no governing body.

The last major component would be the awards ceremony. Every winning team would receive a trophy. The loser would receive nothing.

Rules are what make this even more fun. Each team would be given a certain number of possessions. These possessions would rotate each week. One week, they could have four possessions. Then the next week, they could only have three possessions.

After the season has started, playoffs would be played. These would be best-of-fifty matches. This means that the team with the best score first wins. The teams switch teams every year. So you could end up playing with your old teammates again in the playoffs.

This game is played in schools all across the country. Many people who grew up with the sport in its earlier form are getting interested again. As technology advances, there are many new features being added to this game. There are some people who never get caught up in the game who are now wondering what they might have done with it if they had played it in the past.

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