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Easy Treat With Peanut Butter

Kongs Easy Treat Cheese Spread is a great new product from Kongs Nudity that is sure to be a hit with little ones and big kids. Made especially for children two to seven years old, Easy Treat offers a variety of fun and colorful “high impact” shapes to spread butter on. Each one is flavored with either a raspberry or chocolate flavor. Flavors can also be switched up by using jelly beans, marshmallows, chocolate chips, cinnamon, or licorice for an even wider range of sweet treats.

The Kongs Easy Treat Cheese Stick has a flexible, stick-able stick which is great for spreading cheese on. The product is made of all natural ingredients and hypo-allergenic. Easily digested and has no trans fats associated with it. The convenient and colorful spray is also ozone safe and comes with a built in nozzle, ideal for spraying small amounts of cooled cheese onto any of your favorite rubber toys. The product is not recommended for children who are highly allergic to dairy products or those who have gastro-intestinal issues.

To make a simple fruit and cake flavored butter stick, mix one cup of creamy cream cheese with one tablespoon of lemon juice and one tablespoon of chopped nuts. Spray the mixture with any flavors of your choice. Use a cookie cutter or ice cream scoops to create shapes and scatter on top of plain yogurt or plain cereal. The cheese stick can also be used as a dessert appetizer. Place in freezer for several minutes before serving.

To further extend the versatility of this delicious product, try combining with Kongs Easy Treat Pretzels, Chewy Nuts, Fudgey Nut Butter, or other store bought candies. If you prefer your peanut butter sandwich cookies to be chewy, try drizzling with melted chocolate chip or almond extract. Or, drizzle with white chocolate and drizzle red food coloring if you desire. This would be a tasty combination with some plain yogurt, cranberry sauce, or raisins.

This delicious product can also be used as a great Easter or Mother’s day gift. Package the package with three rolls of foil with holes punched in them. The package can also be wrapped in colorful cellophane and placed in an airtight container. Wrap the package with cellophane and tie with a ribbon and tie around the head of the package containing the cheese.

This is sure to be a big hit during the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. It can be prepared in advance and kept in the freezer until needed. When opening the package, it will look like the treat you received in your first grade home. For this reason, it is a practical and fun gift for kids of all ages. Try making this product by combining other gourmet ingredients that you like to create a unique and flavorful gift for the hard-to-buy-for friend.