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Medela Freestyle Breast Pump Review – What You Should Know Before Buying

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump is a unique electric breast pump that easily fits into your hand, an incredible double electric breast pump which delivers the same high quality of care you would expect from Medela in a more convenient way. Double electric, constant daily use breast pump with two Phase Expression technology features a lightweight motor and rechargeable lithium battery, delivering a convenient portable pumping experience just like your own personal pump. The innovative Dual-Action pumping system allows you to express milk just as quickly or gently as you wish. The patented Continuous Air Motion (CAM) motion makes it easy to express milk just as Medela pumps every day.

A patented two-stage pumping pattern means you can express your milk quickly and gently throughout the day and at any time. This innovation provides you with a consistent high-quality breast pump experience, making it easier than ever to express your milk and save time and frustration. Using the Medela Freestyle Pump means no more stooping over the sink to remove your own milk; the enclosed tubing eliminates this problem completely. In the past, mothers have had to disassemble the tubing and remove the milk-filled canisters to pump the breast, again reducing the convenience. The Medela pump comes equipped with unique detachable tubing, making it even easier to transport the tubing back and forth between stations. Another benefit of this unique design is the ability to reduce the amount of time needed to change the tubing from one tube to the next.

Medela’s Freestyle Breast Pump comes standard with a built-in rechargeable battery that offers continuous charging throughout the day. The pump is also very simple to use, as it has a unique one-touch pumping option which allows you to start pumping right away. Once you have started pumping, the included recharge pack will provide you with continuous on-the-go pumping all day long; this allows you to continue saving money on buying disposable baby equipment. The Medela Pump comes with a special auto shut off feature which means that it shuts off when the batteries are fully charged so there is no risk of overcharging and damaging the unit.

Medela breaks down the act of pumping into several distinct stages to help mothers express their milk more efficiently. The first stage, called the ‘Sucking Period’, occurs while the Medela Freestyle is being used. By using the suction to suck out the air from the bottle, the milk starts to flow into the tubing. The second stage, known as the’expulsion’ stage, occurs when the milk is fully expelled from the bottle, leaving the Medela Pump in the Suck Stage. Finally, the’evacuation’ stage takes place when the amount of air in the bottle has been entirely emptied. This process continues until the suction reaches its lowest point and the Medela Freestyle is then turned off and switched to its charger.

In addition to all the different stages mentioned above, the Medela Freestyle also includes an electronic probe to measure milk production. While most pumps use suction to measure milk flow, the Medela probe uses a probe with sensors that indicate the speed of milk flow and temperature. This information is displayed on a screen that is accessed through the transmitter on the pump. This screen is designed to be easily read from a distance and is easy for the mother to read. In addition to the different measurements such as milk volume and suction pressure, the pump also comes with a digital timer and a visual indication of the remaining time before the Medela Freestyle reaches the end of the tubing.

As soon as the timer displays 100 percent, the tube is then fully charged and the Medela Freestyle can be used as usual. Most models come with a carrying case that can be used to store the tubing when not in use. This storage case doubles as a bottle filler and allows the Medela Freestyle owner to empty her own milk into it.