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A Review of the NOCOGC009 SAE Adapter

The NOCO GC009 SAE Adapter fits any generic type of GM auto. It is made for GM cars, trucks and SUV’s. With the X Connect OBDII adapter you are able to connect directly to the OBDII diagnostic port in most vehicles 1996 and newer. The OBDII accessory is usually located behind the dash and provides a quick easy way to charge and even maintain a spare battery without direct physical interaction with the car battery.

The GC009 SAE Adapter charges the battery with trickle charging capability. The adapter is designed to keep the battery from being overcharged. When a car or truck goes to an extreme condition, the alternator will start to lose power and not be able to charge the battery as fast as it should. This will cause the vehicle to start slowing down or even completely stopping. By using this GM accessory you can prevent the alternator from losing power and fully charge the battery quickly.

The NOCO GC009 SAE Adapter has a USB interface for quick charging and it also has a power indication LED that will let you know when the adapter is charging the battery to full. The system itself is very easy to install. You simply connect the positive cable to the positive port on your existing battery and the negative cable to the negative port on your new battery. The negative cable will be connected to a negative connection on the car. Then you put a red light on the dashboard to let you know that your battery is charged and the adapter is ready to go.

If you are looking for a high capacity trickle charge battery, then the NOCO GC009 SAE Adapter can do the trick. They have a high drain rate but are still rated at less than ten amps. These batteries will last a long time before needing to recharge every day. For anyone who is going to be charging their battery over one hundred ninety percent they may not need the adapter. If you only plan on having your battery charge at thirty percent they could probably use this.

For anyone who takes a lot of road time, or who drives a lot of miles, it would be worth it to purchase the NOCO GC009 SAE Adapter. It is a quick charger and will charge your battery in about fifteen minutes. With it you could be driving in five minutes and be recharging your battery by yourself. In this way you could go from empty to full in just under thirty minutes.

It is a good idea to have an extra battery in case your primary one ever dies out or runs out of juice. Keep all the extra batteries charged and ready for when the one you are using goes dead. Another great thing about the NOCO GC009 SAE Adapter is that if you ever lose power to your electric system at your home, you do not need to be without power for your car. Just connect the charger to your auto battery and you should be able to drive around as long as you want without being stranded in the middle of nowhere.