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Origin Pulsion Lures – Why It’s The Brand To beat?

Origin Pulsion Locking Eyeglass Locks is the most popular brand of eyeglasses amongOrigin8 Lures have everything you would look for in an advanced model. They feature interchangeable lens shapes, interchangeable nose pads, and oversized dual locking mechanism. Their patented Solid Link system allows the removable lens to twist on and off in seconds, even while the frame is locked. The locking mechanism provides exceptional resistance to accidental unlocking and also ensures that each lens is mounted to its proper spot without deflecting light from the other. And, their Pulsion Locking Eyeglass Cams offer superior comfort and maximum hold.

The large nose pad allows for easy lens insertion and removal. It also protects the eyewear from debris, dirt, and scratches. The large mouth design enables easy popping of the lenses out, but also provides additional protection when surfing. The Easy Release pin allows for lens changes or cleaning, while the oversized dual locking mechanism provides superior locking security. It has side-cutting channels and stainless steel pivot pins.

The sunglasses range from the basic Origin Low Sport to the extreme Diamondtone, featuring a full stainless steel frame and an interchangeable nose pad. Available in either black or brown, the Diamondtone is one of the most popular lures in the brand’s lineup. It features interchangeable nose pads, as well as interchangeable side cutting channels.

The brand also offers a line of everyday sunglasses called the Metroline. These sunglasses are available in either black or brown and feature interchangeable lens shapes. There is also a sport model called the Origin BC that is similar to the original but has a water-resistant shell. These sunglasses are unisex and have the same frame shape as the original. They also offer interchangeable lens shapes.

Other models in the brand’s lineup include the Air Force, Firestorm, Storm, Tracker, Team Turquoise, and Proving Ground. The original Stormbite is still one of the best-selling lures in the market, offering excellent performance in all conditions. The latest addition to the brand’s arsenal is the tracker. The tracker is specifically designed to work in extremely slow waters without the risk of losing the lure to a weed or seaweed. In addition to its unmatched tracking ability, the tracker also provides excellent distance capabilities, which make it perfect for fishing situations where you can’t be sure of exactly where your lure will land.