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Tips for Using Your Bondo Self-Adhesive Patch

Make patchwork simpler with Bondo Self-Adhesive Body Patch in stock. Whether you’re patching up rust stains on car bodies or just making small repairs to your vehicle’s interior, Bondo is an ultimate go-to for long-lasting results. 3M Bondo 932 self-adhesive body patches create DIY repairs to any level without any added tools or waste. The special self-adhesive screen gives a sturdy, metal fortified contour base for Bondo self-adhesive fiberglass and self-adhesive polymers when applied directly to the repaired area.

First, decide what repair you need before starting to cut. If the repair will be inside the vehicle, it will benefit to use a reciprocating saw with carbide edges. For a tire repair, such as a flat, a rotary nail gun or an angle grinder will get the job done faster and keep the material from shifting while you work. Using a drill on an area that is too large will make the repair site move, causing an uneven covering and a longer recovery time.

After deciding what type of repair is needed, remove all debris from the area with a soft cloth. If the repair is to be on an area with a texture, apply the patch with a rag and make sure to smooth out any rough edges. Apply the patch in short, even coats, working from the outside inwards. It is better to have more bondo than needed on a given area to insure that the material will form a tight, protective layer during the dry patch.

Once the patch has been uniformly applied, allow it to dry. This may take several hours depending on the exposure to sunlight and weather. The patch will need to sit for at least 24 hours before painting or washing. To clean it off, use soap and water. Do not use any abrasive cleaners or chemicals as they can cause the repair patch to crack or peel away.

When painting, make sure to pay attention to the edges of the patch. They may appear to be straight and smooth when viewed from a distance, but when you touch them it will give a jagged texture. This is a natural effect. Once the paint is applied properly, the area will appear smooth and even.

Before using your new Bondo Self-Adhesive Patch, make sure that it is intact. Some manufacturers place the patch into a protective sleeve, others tape over the entire patch, but each method of installation is very different. If the patch becomes torn, remove it and replace it with a new one. It is best to avoid using the adhesive if the material has become damaged.