The Magic Tap - A Review of This Automatic Dispenser

The Magic Tap is a neat little automatic coffee dispenser that's designed to fit comfortably over most gallon bottles without spilling. You simply place your pre-measured cup into the hopper, and when you're ready for a coffee pick up it simply clicks to release your coffee. It works just as well as any other automatic coffee maker I've seen.

One of the best features of the Magic Tap is the built in milk filter. This is definitely a handy feature to have. If there's ever a time when I've run out of milk, or if I'm in a hurry somewhere I can't stop to get more. What happens when you run out of milk is that you have to either get out the bottle to fill it again, or pour the entire contents out of the bottle onto the table, which is embarrassing for both you and your co-workers. The magic tap dispenses a whole cup at a time. In addition to the built in milk filter, the dispenser also comes with a built in sugar dispenser.

The actual coffee making process isn't too complicated, but it does require some practice if you want it to taste right. You start off by pouring three cups of water into the hopper and then place the pre-measured cup into the top part of the magic tap. Push the button to start the water flowing, and you simply wait for the magic to do its thing. There is a little drip from the rubber tube, but other than that the unit just sits there and makes delicious coffee, like magic. If the unit is hooked up to a universal electric outlet, the coffee will last for about an hour.

The built in syringe allows you to four different sizes of beverages. If you're going to make a large coffee, like a large latte, you can pour in three quarters of a cup, and if you want to make a softer drink, like a cappuccino, you can pour in half a cup. You can also adjust the speed of the machine so that it dispenses milk at a slow rate. The only downfall to this feature is that the slow speed may prevent you from spending all day drinking the morning's quota of coffee, and that can become a nuisance. If you are just going to be making one or two specialty beverages, then it won't matter, since you probably won't spend the whole day at the Magic Tap. However, if you're a regular coffee drinker, or a creditor to lattes, cappuccinos, and other specialty beverages, you will find that this system is perfect for your convenience.

The beer tap also has an adjustment to adjust the pour. The process works similar to the coffee machine, so you start off by pouring in three quarters of a cup and then push a button. Now the machine dispenses a shot of espresso, a shot of chilled foam, a shot of high-end carbonated water, a shot of reserve flavor, and even chocolate syrup. All of these can be used for any specialty beverages that you would like, as well as just plain old cold brew. The pump dispenses it all in one easy step, allowing you to just pour it into cups and dispense them.

Another great thing about the beer tap is how well it is able to mix different kinds of drinks. For example, if you are having coffee and a soda, the machine is set up to mix both drinks at the same time, and that is what makes it the best kind of coffee and soda maker for people who like to have coffee and soda at the same time. However, if you have a fruit drink or even tea, you can pour in whatever you like, and have both beverages being poured into cups at the same time. There are no problems with this, and anyone who has ever had a problem with pouring multiple drinks at once will appreciate this feature. This also allows you to pour in extra sugar or cream if needed.

The only problem that I have seen with this system is that it does not dispense the drink like magic. When you pour a glass of wine or anything else into the jug, it sometimes seems to spill a bit on the side, and then you are done pouring the liquid. It might be something to do with the size of the jug, but for some reason it does not pour like magic when you are done pouring the liquid.

Overall, The Magic Tap really does live up to its name, as it is one of the easiest and neatest dispensers to use. It dispenses the drinks in a very nice pour spout that is very easy to use, and it allows you to choose from many different types of drinks. The best part about the entire system is that it works with most major brands of coffee, soda, and even other liquids, and you can get a jug of your favorite beverage that you can pour yourself. If you are looking for an easy and neat way to make your own drink and avoid the mess that comes with using the store bought varieties, then definitely check out this automatic drink maker.

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